EU language planning

  • EU language planning at the Institute of the Estonian Language since May, 2008
  • Complementary language training for the translators of the Estonian language working in the EU institutions
  • Terminology and linguistic consultation
  • Compilation and publication of linguistic support materials


  • Close cooperation between language planners, terminologists and officials
  • Fluent and clear language use in the EU texts
  • Up-to-date term bases
  • Systematic terminology work


  • 2008 – round table meeting "Estonian Texts in the EU" (in cooperation with the Estonian Representation of the European Commission)
  • 2008 – Brochure of articles on translation issues "The Language of the European Union as Our Common Language"
  • 2009 – Brochure of articles on translation issues "Is It Possible To Use Clear and Simple Language in Eurotexts?"
  • 2010 – Brochure of articles on translation issues "The Reader May Come"
  • 2012 – Brochure of articles "Clear Thoughts, Clear Language"
  • 2013 – Brochure of articles on translation issues "Native Estonian Eurolanguage", author Helika Mäekivi
  • 2014 (in English), 2015 (in Estonian) – Brochure of articles "Clear Communication"
  • Annual workshops for freelance translators "Translation of the EU Texts in Estonia"
  • Annual language trainings and consultation for the translators and interpreters in Luxembourg and Brussels
  • Efficient homepage of the EU language planning and terminology: up-to-date information, linguistic and terminology consultation, forum for translators
  • Cooperation with universities: research on eurolanguage and lectures on good language usage

Future developments

  • Research on eurolanguage
  • Supervision of Master students of translation
  • Language trainings for officials in Estonian institutions 
  • Network of terminologists and language planners to unify and coordinate terminology work
  • Clarity movement, active contact with the clear language network